Do Good Rewards Program

Do Good is our sustainability rewards program designed to engage the community in adopting sustainable practices. We provide opportunities for our customers to do good by our people and planet, all while driving innovation, and most importantly, having fun. The best part is you earn shop credit that can be used to purchase goods at the ANNEX HOUSE Shop. 


1 credit = 1 Philippine Peso


How it works

  • Earn - Complete simple activities and tasks to earn shop credits. Keep an eye out for announcements on new earning opportunities. 1 credit = 1 Philippine Peso

  • Spend - Use your hard earned shop credit to pay for goods here on our online shop or our soon-to-open brick & mortar retail shop. 

  • Share - We also let you earn additional shop credit by spreading the love to your friends and family. Just click the "Refer A Friend" tab.


Why it matters...

Here at ANNEX HOUSE, we have woven sustainability into our approach to design and business. Upcycling glass bottles, utilizing reclaimed wood and scrap materials in fabrication, and applying a sustainable approach to cocktails are just some of the ways we are minimizing the negative impact of our business on society and the environment.

While our efforts are small in scale, it is our belief that our cumulative power can make a great difference in the future. The Do Good Rewards Program is part of our solution to amplify what we currently practice here in our home. Our first earning opportunity is the Glass Bottles Initiative that integrates our upcycled bottles and Bottled Cocktails & Kits. 

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